We started our business as generators manufacturer, we patented our technology and we are continuously working on its improvements.
Today we can rely on a wide range of highly automated models, allowing us very big production in order to meet any industrial customer’s need. Some of the most important operations permitted by our system are:

  • Visualization of different machine functions on the display: stand-by, production, start, stop and automatic functioning.
  • Visualization of the level of the storage tanks on the display: Ecas4-Anolyte – brine – hydrochloric acid.
  • Visualization on the display of the medium value of the data collected during the last Ecas4-Anolyte production: pH, amperage, liters/hour, liters produced from the last cell regeneration, total liters of Ecas4-Anolyte produced.
  • Possibility to set the production values, the amperage threshold (min-max), the pH values and the hour flow rate.
  • Visualization on the display and reset of any possible alert.
  • Graphic visualization on the display of pH and amperage values.

All these functions can be monitored during production by graphics on the touch-screen and could be accessed/revised from remote through a PC/cell phone and an internet connection.
In addition, remote access allows us to intervene remotely to manage any problems and propose the most suitable maintenance.