Our green DNA comes from afar, when “being green” was not as trendy as it is today. From the very beginning of our entrepreneurial adventure, we pointed to a sustainable direction: the praise of the power of nature for our protection.

'80 - '90s THE CHALLENGE

The Ecas4 family started its business in the early '80s. Being rooted in Emilia Romagna, an Italian region known for its strong manufacturing tradition, Sandro Quadrelli, the founder, with his solid background in engineering, decided to focus on equipment and machinery production.

Continuous studies and researches led him to discover the natural power and the incredible benefits of Hypochlorous Acid and face up to the next challenge: how to design and produce a “generator” able to provide a stable solution. In easier words developing a green technology for hygiene and health.


The early 2000s were years of deep learning. The first step was to studing the existing technology for the production of Hypochlorous Acid, based on electrochemical activation, an almost exclusive prerogative of the important Russian electrochemical school directed by Prof. Bakhir.

Driven by the desire to create the perfect product in terms of both purity and safety for the end user, the Ecas4 team engaged Italian and foreign universities, labs and skilled technicians to join forces and work on this innovative project.


The first electrolytic "four-chambers cell" was patented in 2006. This represents another important step ahead: it opens a new phase of conception, industrial design and construction of devices for the on-site synthesis of Hypochlorous Acid molecule.

According to the patent, first WDS models – our Hypochlorous Acid generators – were prototyped as follows: fully automated systems, initially used for the treatment and disinfection of hot and cold water systems in healthcare facilities, to prevent and control biofilm and Legionella. 


Ecas4 was officially founded in 2011 with the clear mission to provide a green, natural solution for health and protection, both for people and the environment. Thanks to unstoppable development, the company was now able to offer a wide range of equipments with flexible production capacities, in order to satisfy both large and custom product requests.

Our clients came from all over the world. In order to strenghten our global market presence, Ecas4 Australia PTY LTD, was founded in 2013.


Joining Eca Consortium and receiving a Letter of Access for Ecas4 meant the acknowledgment for its production according to European Regulation BPR 528/2012 and European Chemical Agency, the one that approves and authorizes active substances and biocidal products.

Ecas4 was recognized for its production capability of active chlorine released from Hypochlorous Acid thus pushing a new business perspective: besides equipment production, the final product was released and brought to market, in large formats, for industrial applications.


For almost anyone 2020 is a watershed: after the beginning of Covid 19, the world looks totally different. 

Ecas4 was already working on new product formats for personal use before 2020, but the pandemic gave us the gear to invest in new products to protect people with a green, natural, non-toxic shield against the virus.

Today we are currently developing new formulations for humans and pets, for skin and surfaces, for babies, homecare, air protection and a lot more, with the aim to reconcile with nature and get in a natural way the protection we need.