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Sustaining Sustainability

From green washing to green safety

There is so much talking about sustainability, but very little is actually done.

“Sustainability is not sustainable”: too many theories, ideas, lobbies, prejudices, interests. 

People and companies are confused. On one side they want to do something healthy and useful to create a better world, on the other they don’t know what to do and how to do it.

In other words, in the short term we are stuck on good words and good intentions, this is it. And although random actions are carried out by “green heroes”, they all alone will not be able to save the world. 

The environmental challenge concerns everyone. Individual action is the key to sustainable change. The revolution starts with us! We can choose what to consume and what not! We can choose where to buy! We can choose where to put our money!

We need to change our culture, our habits, our consumptions if we want a future for our kids.

HOCl: powerful and sustainable

Quoting the words of Mr. Sandro Quadrelli, Engineer & Founder of Ecas4 “When I discovered the existence of Hypochlorous Acid, I was fascinated by the power of this gift of nature. Never before my mission had been so clear: sharing the benefits of HOCl with as many people as possible while improving their health and quality of life”.

Sometimes we already have at hand sustainable, natural solutions we can use in everyday life but we simply ignore their existence and superpowers and we don’t know we can make a difference by choosing them.

Green tech blessed by nature

Made of natural ingredients, like water and salt, HOCl is one of the safest products on the market for all kinds of cleanings and sanitizing, while “similar” products often contain chemical compounds which remain in water systems and end up polluting rivers and lakes, contaminating drinking water supplies and aquatic ecosystems.

HOCl is different:

  • It does not contain any harmful chemicals like bleach, dyes or artificial colors and scents. 
  • It does not irritate your throat or eyes when sprayed on surfaces, and you won’t need to open all the windows for ventilation after cleaning. 
  • After spraying Hypochlorous Acid, the product evaporates naturally, disinfecting surfaces and leaving no harmful residue. 

Homes, working spaces, hotels, restaurants, manufacturing facilities, schools, shops and many other locations can be cleaned and disinfected without toxic fumes, which would typically irritate skin, eyes and the respiratory system.

What’s more? Traditional cleaning products are often surface-specific, so that consumers are pushed to buy different cleaners instead of a single and multitasking one. 

Hypochlorous Acid is versatile, the only cleaning product you need to keep at hand. 

  • HOCl is skin safe and gentle enough for porous, delicate or easily stained surfaces — while effectively eliminating 99.9% of viruses and pathogens. 
  • HOCl cleaning products also reduce the number of plastic bottles you need to buy and store in your cleaning cupboard. 

Are you joining the green revolution?

Respecting the planet and all living creatures is a must for our company. 

We strive for a green chemical future while promoting the importance of toxin-free cleaning for commercial use. 

This makes Ecas4 the undisputed Italian player producing natural, safe, non-toxic solutions for hygiene and health based on Hypochlorous Acid whose benefits are amazing.

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