Our range of Hypochlorous Acid based products has been developed with the aim to provide effectiveness for hygiene and wellbeing to humans and animals, as well as sustainability and innovation. Taking inspiration from how nature works, we have been able to recreate the same powerful molecule, through our green patented technology: this is why our products provide the same great benefits of our immune system barriers.

Our products are all HOCl based but the active molecule concentration may change according to needs and uses, and also packages and formats change in order to optimize specific uses. You will also notice different claims on our packages since different applications and uses rely on different regulations about what we can say.

Ecas4 - Hypochlorous Acid based products

& Surfaces

Ecasan Objects & Surfaces is a sanitizer suitable for all kind of objects, surfaces and also delicate textiles.
At home, at work, during leisure time, it can be used everywhere to clean and sanitize what is commonly touched, also by babies or very sensitive people.

Hypochlorous Acid based products

& Air

Ecasan Environment & Air is the aerosolized version of our sanitizer and it’s also very helpful to free from bad smells. It is perfect for nebulization in large environment or on surfaces difficult to reach. It can be directly used even on the most delicate elements.

Hypochlorous Acid based products

Pets Deo

Ecasan Pets Deo Sanitizer has been specifically studied to make clean and hygienic both environments, where our beloved pets live and all the stuff they get in touch with. Designed for their bowls, toys, beds, litters, brushes and more, it can also take bad smells away.

Ecas4 - HOCL Pets Products

Pets Care

Ecasan Pets Hygiene & Well-being is a multifunctional sanitizer designed to clean and take care of our 4-legged friends. Suitable for everyday use on skin, hair, paws and also ears and eyes, it helps soothing itch, refresh skin and free from dirt in a safe and gentle way.

Ecas4 Hand Hygiene

Hand Hygiene

Ecasan Hand Hygiene is a cleaner and sanitizer for hands. Small format to always keep on the go, it’s designed for frequent use. It’s not only helpful for our overall daily protection but also for soothing and moisturizing in case of dry or irritated skin.

ecas4 skin care

Skin Care

Ecasan Face and Body is a multifunctional SOS cosmetic designed for face and body. A spray formulation that will clean, moisturize and calm skin while protecting from inflammations. It conveys an all day hydration while improving skin health and cell renewal.