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Benefits of Hypochlorous Acid

What are the main benefits of Hypochlorous Acid?

Hypochlorous Acid (HOCI or HCIO) is an exceptional molecule naturally produced within white blood cells which is able to react against pathogens. So, it is a natural barrier that reminds us that, in case of need, just nature is the best source of effective and safe protection.

It was discovered in 1834 by a French chemist, Antoine Jérôme Balard, and used thereafter during the world wars to clean wounds and heal from burns.

To be reproduced outside our body as stable compound it needs a process of electrochemical activation applied to a brine of filtered water and table salt: again, only natural and green elements.

Its final appearance is colorless and aqueous, a “super” kind of water that can be sprayed and has a slight salty smell that disappears in few seconds, while maintaining all disinfectant and cleaning properties.

Being a natural, non-hazardous and non-toxic solution, its benefits are so wide that it can be considered as a valuable option for countless uses: after the first try you will no longer do without!

Main benefits on skin

We all know that skin is our main outer barrier, it is first exposed to bacteria and virus and even if it’s really tough it can incur in cuts, wounds, scrapes.

A multi-purpose sanitizer and cleanser as HOCI, can be a real strong allied for our skin, in a daily routine, also because it will not give the dryness, burning or irritating effects that other products give.

While disinfecting hands, it’s incredibly gentle: it does not damage or irritate skin, in reverse thanks to its smoothing properties it can be recommended also with cold temperatures when hands tend to chap. It works better than on purpose moisturizers, even on the most sensitive skins.

On face and body HOCI works as a valid support to standard washing (not a substitute): a kind of extra defense, even on-the-go. More than cleaning, it speeds up wound healing and repair damage, so sprayed on face and body it works as a SOS remedy to refresh, soothe, moisturize and help natural skin regeneration processes.

In cosmetics HOCI is widely known for its effectiveness as anti-inflammatory, anti-itch and anti-bacterial agent, so it’s helpful in reducing redness, against irritations and treating acne and eczema.

Main benefits for surface disinfection

At home, at work, in the gym, on objects and surfaces Hypochlorous Acid expresses its best as disinfectant and cleaner: it is reported to be almost 100 times more effective than sodium hypochlorite (bleach), with the same concentration, while being 100% nonirritating, almost scentless and safe.

It’s effective, powerful but gentle, it does not leave damages or stains. It can be sprayed widely on all objects and surfaces, even on the most delicate fabrics and left to dry: pathogens are neutralized within few seconds, without leaving aggressive traces. If you are a mum concerned with your baby equipment and toys, HOCI is the safest and most natural solution for you.

In addition, Hypochlorous is highly safe in treating foods, while disinfecting fruits and vegetables, or food preparation surfaces.

It can be also vaporized or used in foggers or cool air humidifiers to get a natural disinfection of environments and air against airborne pathogens and in this case it also greatly works as a neutral deodorant that neutralizes foul odors such as garbage, toilet, urine: being non-toxic you won’t even need to open all the windows for ventilation after use.

Dangers of Hypochlorous

Hypochlorous Acid is classified as non-hazardous and non-toxic and tested to be nonirritating to eye and skin, even in case of very sensitive skins, on babies or animals.

So, there are no particular warnings about its use: it is natural and simply suitable for all the family.