Ecas4 - Hands sanitizer


We all know the importance of frequently clean and sanitize our hands as effective way to prevent infections but sometimes hand sanitizers are really aggressive and irritating.

With our HOCl based solution we can offer hand health, safety and protection but also a product that cleanses and moisturizes hands skin, even in worst weather conditions.


When thinking about disinfection of objects and surfaces our first option is bleach and its strong, unmistakable smell.

With our HOCl based solutions we can offer the same effectiveness in sanitization, without damaging the most delicate surfaces, avoiding stains on textile, treating food or babies equipment in a safe, gentle way.

Applications of Hypochlorous Acid - Objects and surfaces
Ecas4 - Environment & Air


Most sanitizers only work in liquid form, so they are not suitable for environment disinfection.

Our HOCl based solution can be as powerful and effective as liquid sanitizers but it can also work in aerosolized or sprayed form. The molecules remain suspended in the air for a longer time and assure cleanness and hygiene.


To our beloved 4-legged friends we usually reserve best attention and care, when it comes to their cleanness and protection.

Our HOCl based solutions can be effective, non-toxic and extremely versatile. They can be used to promote cell renewals, to soothe skin irritations, for daily cleaning of paws, eyes and ears and for the hygiene of all our pets’ accessories.

Pet care - ecas4
Applications of Hypochlorous Acid - Skin Care


When dealing with cosmetics, we are all well used to rely on many different products, formulations and texture, to accomplish different specific tasks, in our daily routine.

Our HOCl based solution can supply an SOS, overall treatment, that helps skin protection and hydration, soothes and calms irritation, redness or itch, even for the most sensitive skins.